Australia China Economic Development Associates (ACEDA)
Introduction to ACEDA

With the rapid development of the Chinese economy as well as further opening of the markets, both governments of Australia and China have paid great attention to bilateral economic and trade co-operation. Australia China Economic Development Associates (ACEDA) was jointly established in order to promote two way trade, investment, co-operation and communication, between the two countries.

ACEDA integrates the business wisdom of Australia and China. With headquarters in Melbourne, the business capital of Australia, members of the Board have been engaged in bilateral activities between Australia and China, for the past twenty years. They have rich expertise and practical experience, a sound basis to meet different needs in related fields. ACEDA liaises with local leaders from the overseas Chinese business community, entrepreneurs and professionals from wide circles. The focus is on the service sector. The associates have a wealth of knowledge of Australian and Chinese business and their economies, in addition to experience in foreign affairs. They work with the countries’ Ministries of Trade, and enjoy strong support from both governments, and local councils.

The Aims of ACEDA

ACEDA aims to provide information on business and the economies, strengthening cooperation between Australia and China, and promoting exchange of information to increase business development. ACEDA aims to supply the Chinese and Australian governments with current market information and business opportunities, as well as subsequent commercial services.


Members of ACEDA
L.M. Louey, Justice of the Peace, Honorary Chairman, having been awarded the “Century Award for Contribution” by the Australian Government, he is the lifelong head of the Chinese Freemason’s National Headquarters of Melbourne, Australia. He was also awarded titles including overseas consultant to the All-China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese, consulting chairman of China Council for the Promotion of Peaceful National Reunification (CCPPR) in Victoria, consultant to CCPPR in Australia, lifetime honorary chairman of Royal Melbourne Children Hospital, as well as honorary consultant to the thirty five Chinese communities & associations overseas.
C. Elizabeth Anderson. Chair, began her career in private enterprise following studies in economics at the University of New South Wales. However, further studies led to a career in educational management in Europe, before returning to Australia where she was instrumental in the establishment of the Australian international education industry.

While living in China, Elizabeth created a successful consultancy working with both local and international companies, assisting them to further growth and development, including such organizations as Qantas, Telstra and CEDA, and many leading tertiary institutions, on her return to live in Melbourne. Elizabeth specializes in working with organizations to help them grow.

Currently works at a private tertiary college; she writes and speaks on cross cultural issues, with particular reference to westerners working and living in China.

Pamela Pan, Director, graduated from Victoria University of Technology, in Australia, majoring in tourism development and management in 1990.

She worked as a trainer at the World Trade Hotel of Beijing, in the China International Trade Center. Pamela started her career in tourism in Australia, in 1992, gaining rich experience in the management of inbound tours. In 1996, she founded Global Merchants Group Pty Ltd. GMG specializes in international business and educational programs. Pamela works with the government in China, the Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations and Trade, the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT), and organizations who came to Australia for participation in the World Chinese Entrepreneurs Convention (WCEC). She has sound working relationships with local chambers of commerce and business.

In 2002 in cooperation with Australian Migrant Educational (AMES), Pamela launched the IELTS English language program in Beijing, which offered over 3,000 student’s English language training, taught by foreign teachers. Pamela also organizes Chinese students to come to Australia for English language courses, and summer camps as cultural exchanges. These serve as a bridge, facilitating tourism, trade and education between both Australia and China.

Vivian Song, Director Vivian was educated both in China and Australia. Initially in China, she trained in tourism and hotel management, where she then worked for the International Sheraton Hotel Group and subsequently at Hewlett-Packard.

In 1989 she studied business management at the University of Queensland in Australia. From 1992, based in Melbourne, Vivian worked for Australian tour companies. During that time, she was interacting with people from all throughout Asia particularly Chinese government and business representatives, who came to Australia, to explore business opportunities. Vivian’s experience and skills in the tourist industry led her into management roles, providing strong grounding for establishing her own business.

From 2001, Vivian has devoted her energies to the development of visits, business delegations, plus commercial & trade negotiations between the two government of China and Australia. She has successfully organized many groups of senior Chinese Government representatives, visiting for business and trade exhibitions, educational and cultural exchanges, in addition to investment in Australia. Due to her success in the last few years, Vivian has established good, working relationships with local government representatives, leaders of Chinese business organizations in Australia, and a national network of senior officials in China. Her commitment, organizational skills and professionalism are highly appreciated and acknowledged by all.

Bruce Pippett, a suburban representative on the Law Institute of Victoria Council and Principal of a law firm. With 30 years’ experience as a lawyer, he has practiced in the areas of property and business sales and purchases, commercial matters and litigation. He has a Diploma of Language (Chinese) from Monash University and has taught English at Nanjing Normal University and Haidian Foreign Language School in Beijing.

As Chair of the Suburban Law Association and member of the Small Practice Committee and Continuing Professional Development Committee, he has a special interest in small practice management and its changing landscape. He sees the development of relationships between legal firms in China and Australia as an important gateway to a greater understanding of Australian society by Chinese lawyers and a realization by Australian lawyers that western practices might improve under the influence of another culture.

He is also a published author, with his novel,” After Monday Tuesday Comes”, being published in 2003.

Freddy Huang graduated from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT), and has worked as a tax accountant for the past sixteen years. Freddy has nearly five years of experience as an immigration agent.

Freddy is well versed in Australian auditing, company and tax law, and investment policies. He was appointed by the State Government, Business Migration Section of the Department for Victorian Communities as their associate to provide training and consultation on accounting and taxation, for new and potential business migrants.

Our Services
Government & Business visiting

ACEDA arranges for Chinese visitors to meet with representatives from Australian business and government.
ACEDA facilitates communication between the governments of Australia and China.

Cultural Exchanges

ACEDA undertakes bilateral cultural exchange, facilitates non-governmental communication, and supports exchanges between both countries.

ACEDA values communication between the non-profit sectors of Australia and China. Through involvement and participation in the Australia-China Communication Conference for Women, women of both countries will develop mutual understanding, and promote internationally the social and economic standing of women.

ACEDA organizes groups of young performers to exchange visits and provides opportunities to perform their chosen skills and talents.

Education and training

Working with leading universities, colleges, and schools, ACEDA offers work experience, on the site visits, and on the job training for senior government officials from China. Those interested to learn about the Australian business community may meet with business leaders and consultants, and visit private companies in accord with visitors’ educational, social, and commercial interests, either in Australia or New Zealand.

Exhibitions & Trade Shows

ACEDA regularly distributes information on exhibitions and trade shows in Australia, and organizes participation for representatives from China. Services include registration at exhibitions, translation and advertisement, hotel reservation, transportation, air tickets and travel in Australia.

Since the early nineties, companies under the ACEDA umbrella have been involved in the following commercial activities:

– 1996, organized and arranged the Annual Conference on International Construction and Garden Planning, held by China’s Ministry of Construction in both Australia and New Zealand.

– 1998, successfully planned for a group of distinguished Chinese entrepreneurs organized by the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) to participate in the 3rd World Chinese Entrepreneurs Convention held in Melbourne.

– 1997-2006 received official visits to Australia from Jiangsu Province, Nanjing, Nantong, Jilin, Harbin, Wuhan, Mongolia and Shanghai. These visits focused on a wide range of issues including environmental concerns, student groups, business matching and those active in the service industry.


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